Thursday, July 16, 2009

What are doorway pages ?

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What are doorway pages ?

Doorway pages are web pages that are created for high ranking in Search Engines, most of these pages have a high ranking for 2 or 3 search terms (keywords), and are not a part of the original web site.

Most web sites that use this technique are successful and appear in the first 10 results of the major Search Engines

There is nothing wrong to create doorway pages for your web site, but Search Engines do not allow it and identify it as spam, so that's a bigger problem

Our SEO consultants do not advice to use these kind of technique. It's unethical and web sites who use these kinds of tricks can get penalized by the Search Engines.
We advice to optimize your web site as professional as possible, this will be the best solution in our opinion.
How do you know if this page is an Doorway page or Cloaked ?

First: When you search in one of the Search Engines on the internet, results will come up for the relevant keyword or search term you searched for. Suppose its Google, just click on the button "Cache" it's located under the web sites URL. You can exactly see when and at what time the Search Engine crawled the site last for the last time, there is also a snapshot available of the web page.

Second: After having done that, just visit the real web site and compare it with what you saw in the cache, if it's identical it's not a cloaked web site or doorway page

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